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About Us

Welcome to Kavilash Technologies

Kavilash Technologies, located in the Dynamic City of Chennai, India is one of the fastest growing start ups in the Technology Field.

With experience of many decades under its belt, Kavilash Technologies has made strategic decisions to reduce the development time, thus reducing the cost of software applications. With strategic partners across the globe, Kavilash Technologies is able to reach many clients worldwide and resolve their challenges.

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What We Do

We help you reduce your development time

If you can reduce your development time from 4 years to just 3 months, imagine the savings in cost, manpower and most important -STRESS. Unbelievable?

That's exactly what one of our clients told us. But when we completed the complex Garment ERP in 3 months be was glad that he put his trust on us. Now, he has become one of our most trusted marketing partners!

Case Studies

Our Solutions

We have provided solutions with 100% business process match for various domains. Listed here are a few solutions.


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