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Welcome to Kavilash Technologies

We can develop large scale Cloud based Applications in 1/10th of the time taken by conventional software development methods. That too without coding! Can't believe? Read on...

With experience of many decades under its belt, Kavilash Technologies has made strategic decisions to reduce the development time, thus reducing the cost of software applications. With strategic partners across the globe, Kavilash Technologies is able to reach many clients worldwide and resolve their challenges.

Initially catering to Educational and Scientific bodies, Kavilash Technologies has a long list of satisfied clients like IGCAR, IIT, IISc and various other technical bodies. We at Kavilash Technologies are ensuring that the conferences organized by these technical bodies and the related back end operations run smoothly from the initiation to the completion. Post completion analysis is the end of conference for most of them. Our responsibilities include, International Academic Audience targetted Website Design and Development, Abstract and Paper Submissions, Routing submitted Abstracts / Technical papers for verification and qualification, Verification of membership by interfacing with their proprietory membership database, etc.

Our Software Development team has working on many successful projects using most of the popular development languages, from the good old VB 6 to the latest coding languages. We have developed many customised packages for our clients, based on their requirements.

However, in our decade of experience, we found that the maximum cost goes into rework and customisations of a software application, rather than the core development activity. Researching and analysing on this direction, we were optimising our development methodology and using automation wherever possible to reduce human errors. We also implemented our own systems to ensure that change of human resources has a very minimal impact on the code developed. Human resources are the major cause of errors and bugs in a software application, which results in rework which increases the cost of a developed software.

We finally found out the solution in the form of Auvit Framework developed by one of our associates and tested the framework thoroughly before committing to it. And, there our success story starts...

  • We were able to develop complicated business process automation software in 1/10th of the usual time taken - without coding - believe that?
  • The major issue of resources was removed, thus reducing our dependency on the Coding Engineers who normally code the software and also are the reason for errors. Since we do not require qualified coding manpower, our Human resource costing came down rapidly.
  • And for any changes from the client, our turnaround time reduced to around 1/20th of the time.

Using the Auvit Framework, we have developed many ERP level applications for our clients in different countries. Thus, our journey towards a successful software company started. And we are marching proudly ahead with more and more Clients joining us!

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