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Comprehensive ERP Solution for Garment Industries

Our Garment ERP Solution, covers all aspects of both Knitted and Woven Manufacturing Companies!
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A comprehensive Cloud based ERP solution that helps handle each and every challenge faced by the Garment Industry. Considering the dynamic nature of the industry, we identified the real time challenges from live production units and addressed them using our Garment ERP.

Challenges like Demand fluctuations, stiff deadlines, rigid quality standards, dynamism of the people involved and the seasonality of the business are all addressed using technology. Our Garment ERP Solutions helps you plan your production based on the orders from your clients and execute the order and deliver on-time, every time. The projection of the profitability and timeline helps you to plan in advance, thus preventing any surprises during production. Real time alerts and warning messages are triggered automatically to notify issues that may have an impact on the Delivery Deadlines.

Garment ERP covers all the stages of Textile Manufacturing. It streamlines Planning, Production, Finance, Inventory and Purchase,Warehouse, Import & Export processes and documentation to a level where human intervention is minimized and probability of error is eliminated.

Modules and Features of our Garment ERP

As you can see from the list of Modules listed here, our Garment ERP provides a full fledged solution at an Enterprise Level. It covers from Procurement to Fleet Management and also Import / Export Documentation process.

The Garment ERP can also be seamlessly integrated with our Financial Management System or other ERP packages like SAP, Oracle, Sage, etc. thus adding value to your existing ERP Solutions.


The Garment ERP Solution can also be integrated with devices like Mobile phones through Mobile App, both for IOS and Android. It can also connect with handheld devices like scanners used in warehouses, weighing machines, biometric devices like Fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner, etc.

Our Framework providees you the flexibility of hosting by providing Shared Hosting Model, Dedicated Hosting and in-premises model based on your preferences.

We also have SaaS model aka. subscription model where you need not pay the entire cost of the software upfront, but spread it across multiple years. The cost is also proportional to the number of users in the System. This helps you to use the money in your business. Thus, we have a perfect WIN-WIN plan for you.

Garment Industry Pain Points

With our experience in technology, we combined the Industrial experience of many Garment Manufacturers and have identified a few Major Pain Points in the Industry. We made sure that our Garment ERP handles these pain points and provides a solution to the Companies. Please do check out these pain points
Click here for Pain Points List, and if you feel you are facing any of these issues, please do get in touch. We have a solution for you.

Our unique Sofware Engine

Our Garment ERP is built on an unique software engine that helps develop the software without writing code. With our Rapid Development Framework, customizations and changes arising due to governmental rules and business model changes can be implemented in record time. Our Framework helps to save enormous amount of money that is normally charged for customization and changes that occurs after implementation.

No more downtime due to changes

Since, using our framework, we can make changes to the Software on the Fly, there is no downtime for implementing the changes. So, your production can continue even if there are changes in Government Rules, Prouction Process, etc.


Since the processes may vary from company to company, no software can fit your company's process right from the shelf. This results in customization requests which stretches the implementation time and the cost of the ERP software becomes exhorbitant.
With our Framework Technology, we can make changes and the required customisations in record time. Say, a customisation request which takes two months in other ERP Software packages can be implemented in just 2 to 3 days using our framework. Hence, you save money and the precious time, and can start utilising the ERP solution faster.

Get in touch with us, and we will demonstrate how we do this. We are sure, like others who saw our demonstrations, you will be surprised and also excited once you understand the power of our Framework!

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